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The Sacramento urban revival is making the metro the next Northern California desirable location– with a lower cost of living to boot. Handlebar mustaches, artisanal coffee, basket equipped bikes and a plethora of farm to table dining choices available. Did I just step into Portland? Nope. This is the scene in Midtown Sacramento.

Jan 22

With increased San Francisco housing density, the city must also improve its antiquated public transportation system. The BART system in the city has not been updated in 35 years and it shows. The public transportation system is one sector of several that need updating to accommodate the massive growth, and the local mentality is worth shifting as well.

Jan 15

San Francisco has long stood apart from other American cities in its iconic beauty, diversity of its population and its unique urban culture. However, with the last few years of a real estate market buoyed by a surging tech boom and a flood of foreign investment, San Francisco now stands apart from the rest of the country in a very specific way– its lack of affordability.

Jan 11