Gerard's Stories

Houses of this period are hitting the market all across the country. Many require updates and renovation to meet the needs of today's buyers
Jan 21
The 1980s can be characterized as a 'more is more' period of design, with innovative building techniques and styles
Jan 14
After the exuberance, freedom and color explosion of 1960s design and architectural styles, the 1970s were more subdued and reflected the political, economic and financial concerns of this decade
Dec 28
Featuring an explosion of color, glamour and innovation, 1960s kitchens and baths offered style by the mile
Dec 8

Expert Gerard Splendore takes us back in time to when pastels and metals dominated the design world for kitchens and baths in the 1950s. This amazing time in design changes is still very popular today with those who love vintage fixtures

Nov 29
Understanding the development of housing styles, including kitchens and baths, is an advantage for today's real estate agent
Nov 8
The 1930s is known as the beginning of modern design, with both Art Deco and Art Nouveau influencing the styles and colors of bathrooms and kitchens in American homes
Oct 24
The kitchens and bathrooms of 1910 will probably have been upgraded and remodeled, but the footprint of the original will still be in evidence
Oct 3