Greg's Stories

As I’m anxiously waiting for the quarter to end and closing data to be tallied, I’m pondering what is happening to our market and how we got here. The past few years have seen steady growth, but first quarter of this year is out of control, and I think the Broncos are to blame.

Apr 3

Since the beginning of the year I have had a lot of brainstorms about my business model, my role in the real estate community and my future. I always ask what would make each new idea a success. Today, I was thinking about my current role and how I measure its success.

Apr 2

True feedback is something that helps us better ourselves or our listings. Feedback is the type of thing that is rarely published but often beneficial to the recipient.

Mar 18

In the age of instant gratification, it’s useful to step back and re-evaluate the best strategy for selling our listings. In one MLS listing, we have the ability to hand over all the goods — data, descriptions, photos, video links, floor plans, pictures and more.

Dec 17
Act as an information gatekeeper instead of handing over listing treasure
Dec 17

I’m a full-service agent running a full-service brokerage, and I’m posing a question to you: If a market force required that we lower commissions to be competitive, how would you react and adapt to stay in business? I just finished reading The Everything Store about Jeff Bezos and It talked about how Wal-Mart and Amazon have pounded retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers and anyone in the consumer-goods business into the ground.

Dec 11