Jennifer's Stories

Check back in on ACCESS, which Agent Image has has evolved from a single-use tech to a complete platform of integrated tools. Go behind the scenes and explore the roadmap ahead.
Today 8:29 A.M.
Fewer than 1% of homes in the U.S. are ever “on'' the market. Find out how to tap into the other 99%. Agents looking for more inventory for their clients can’t miss this first look at the new, groundbreaking technology from DropOffer.
Nov 23
Go inside the hottest real estate trends and learn how to capitalize on them as you shape your business in 2022. This rapid fire strategy session is hosted by Kaplan’s Toby Schifsky, Inman’s Laura Monroe, and features guest Coach Jeff Lobb.
Nov 17
Millennials are a power buying demographic with very specific needs and wants that real estate professionals need to understand in order to be successful.
Nov 15
SkySlope works hard to close deals faster with less hassle. Get a hands-on tour of the full suite of software that includes transaction management, forms, digital signature, and transaction coordination service — all backed by award-winning support.
Oct 8
Don’t settle for old systems that can’t grow with you and are creating more overhead! The team at Back At You will walk you through 5 critical signs that it’s time to move on—and how to set yourself up for a huge year ahead.
Sep 15
Hear from real agents on how they're using Knock Home Swap™ to help their clients, find success, and boost their business.
Aug 27
Hear from Buck Avey and Jess Long of SkySlope and Clint Skutchan of T3 Sixy who will share the top ways these organizations take it to the next level for their members.
Jul 20