John's Stories

Do you know how to properly optimize your real estate website to get as much traffic as possible from the search engines? You’ve heard the advice that you should do it, but has anyone actually helped you do it or shown you what it entails?

Oct 17

You’re a real estate agent, and you are sick and tired of hearing about SEO for real estate. Am I right? I know I’m tired of it, and I’m a professional digital marketer. You’re tired of the tactics, the new shiny marketing objects that pop up every week. I get it.

Aug 22

Many agents understand the world of Adwords or at least know that they can use Adwords to bid on keywords that might help them generate leads. If you’ve ever used Adwords, you also know that those clicks can be very expensive, and then you have to convert that click into a lead. You can easily spend hundreds of dollars on a lead.

Jul 28