John's Stories

Teams of independent contractors dominate the sales force. Real estate teams even more so. Perhaps it’s because of this that they often miss the importance of building a culture that fosters engagement within their organizations.

Dec 9

It’s pretty safe to say that we’re in an election cycle unlike any we’ve seen before. Just when I think I’ve seen it all, our esteemed presidential candidates remind me that I ain’t seen nothing yet.

Oct 19

Despite all the attention paid to millennials and their perceived preference to rent versus own — they aren’t alone. No one is or really ever has, bought a house. Obviously, I’m getting at something. Every real estate agent reading this will tell you, people are buying and selling homes every day. My point is people don’t buy the house — they buy the dream.

Sep 15

We are hardwired to proceed with caution in many aspects of our lives. Be careful; watch what you say; measure twice — cut once. Never run with scissors. In the real estate world, the need to safeguard our reputation through the watchful use of our words and prudent delivery of our promises is paramount.

Aug 22

There’s a direct correlation between imagining a place and getting there. Reading the biographies of those most successful across any industry, might lead you to believe that it all started with a vision. A vision larger and grander than most of us dare to dream.

Aug 5