Jonathan's Stories

It’s that time again! A little more than a year has gone by since we last updated “The Chart,” and there were some notable changes since then (April 2015).

Jun 17

It’s April 2016. In the years I’ve been fortunate enough to write this byline, I’ve claimed that vast improvements in the consumer experience of buying a home were right around the corner.

Apr 1

You’ve all seen it: the real estate tech vendor pitching their technology as a “one-stop-shop” for agents with the goal of simplifying and streamlining their workflow in all that they do.

Nov 13

Our annual “The Chart” project — which puts the real estate techscape in a visual format — showed a few big shifts in real estate tech from 2014. Some highlights:

Apr 24

Ever since the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau released its findings that almost half of homebuyers don’t shop around for the best rate on their mortgage, I’ve been trying to make sense of this revelation. It’s not that it’s shocking — the fact that homebuyers need a lot of help with the process is what is inspiring so many entrepreneurs to work on new companies in this space.

Feb 18
If you want to create something that lasts, you must embrace your errors
Dec 16

It was October 2010, and the online marketing industry was experiencing a renaissance of sorts. Tasks that were once performed with phone, fax and spreadsheet were beginning to incorporate automated trading platforms, algorithms and computerized exchanges that handled the buying and selling of ad space on websites.

Dec 16