Tigi's Stories

I went out on a limb in my last article and wrote about my personal journey with weight loss and real estate, describing how I’ve applied best practices in real estate to my everyday life — and I never anticipated it would received the responses it has. I’ve gotten emails from people all across the country describing their journeys and how they’ve lost weight or built an empire with the same techniques. It truly warmed my heart.

May 11

I’ve lost 50 pounds this year. Yay me! I know what you’re thinking — what does this have to do with your real estate business? The two might not seem related but here’s what they share: good habits. That’s it.

Feb 18

With the holidays behind us and the ring of the New Year complete, it’s time to look forward to another successful year in real estate. We all hear the typical clichés – ‘put the year behind you,’ ‘start brand new’ and ‘wipe the slate clean.’

Feb 2

Real estate classes not only give agents perspective on the rules and regulations of the industry, but also the details of how to move through a transaction from start to finish. These classes don’t, however, give the same information as you learn during your time working the field. Here are a few things that every agent learns as a professional.

Dec 23