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I recently did a podcast about when the bubble was going to burst and how to best position your business to take advantage of a downturning market. The two questions I kept getting were: “How can I position my business to take advantage of a turning market?” and “Should I be advertising and marketing online or offline?”

Nov 10

Are you building a business that is attracting clients, or are you still chasing clients? The stereotypical “chase business” is the stockbroker who calls you during dinner pitching a hot new stock. An attraction business is one that delivers such great value that people will stand in line during a rainstorm to work with you — think Apple.

Jul 12

In this article I am going to show you step-by-step how to start getting free listing leads from LinkedIn. If you’re on social media, you’re most likely spending your time on Facebook, but you might be missing some low hanging fruit when it comes to listing leads.

Dec 17

So, you’ve made the calls, knocked on the doors and finally got that listing presentation. You know the neighborhood, the house is gorgeous, and the owners have a reasonable price in mind. The only thing standing between you and this listing is that the owners want to interview two other agents. You’ve convinced the owners to let you present last. You’re up to bat. Are you going to knock it out of the park or strike out?

Dec 7