New construction is coming to inventory-starved housing market
Privately owned housing starts were up 12.8% year over year in October, according to data released Thursday by the US Census Bureau
by Patrick Kearns Dec 17
Housing starts and permits continue to recover from lows
Housing starts jumped more than 17% from May to June as the housing market continues to recover from stay-at-home orders
by Patrick Kearns Jul 17
Home price gains extend into January — but virus looms large
Home prices rose 3.9% in January, but the data does not take into account the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, which didn't take hold in the US until late February
Explosion of housing permits a good sign for 2020: Economist
Housing starts are up 11.1% over November 2018 while permits increased by 13.6%
by Patrick Kearns Dec 17
Homeowners closer to appraisers on home value perceptions: study
Quicken Loans released its monthly Home Price Perception Index, which found that, on average, appraised values were 0.34 percent less than what homeowners estimated in May.
by Gill South Jun 15