Shrinking agent ranks, smaller commissions and more predictions for years and years to come
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MetroList allegedly paid $10K ransom after being compromised by hackers, leaving more than 20K subscribers without a functioning system for nearly 2 days
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CEO and founder of The Crypto Realty Group, Piper Moretti, explains the ins and outs of cryptocurrency 
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The San Francisco-based startup believes the technology will make it easier and cheaper to invest in private securities like real estate investment trusts
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Jeffery Berns' company has purchased 68,000 acres and plans to build a community based on Bitcoin technology
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Alternative transaction models, such as Opendoor, alternative living arrangements and tech-enabled management, will upend the real estate industry
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The technology behind cryptocurrency has been hyped for years, but panelists at the Council of Multiple Listing Services (CMLS) are bullish on its future for real estate
Only 21% viewed real estate as an ideal investment
From its history and legality to its role in the real estate transaction, here's the 411 on this cryptocurrency
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Encourage your investor clients to look into the possibilities, but make sure they're comfortable with the risks before getting involved
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You should probably resist bitcoin, but blockchain is the underlying tech you need to focus on
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