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Borrell Associates: Fewer dollars, but a rising share is spent online
by Andrea V. Brambila Oct 24
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'Agents are bidding costs up but don't understand what they're buying'
by Teke Wiggin Jul 20
Great migration of real estate ad dollars to the Internet may have peaked
Brokers and agents spending 75 cents of every marketing dollar online
by Inman Feb 11
Report: Industry rate of online ad spending may flatten
by Matt Carter May 20
One in four Realtors spend less than 10 percent online
by Matt Carter May 4
Borrell: Local and targeted ads expected to fuel 2011 growth
by Inman Aug 24
Borrell expects eightfold increase by 2015
by Inman Jun 25
'Legacy' media companies gain market share
by Inman May 4