As an agent, you currently have a unique opportunity to reinvent yourself and create the business you want in the 'new normal.' Use these seven trends and action steps to guide your decision-making
by Bernice Ross Jun 17
With uncertainty in the air, what can you do right now to help prepare your business for what’s ahead? Here's where to start
Doubling up on cleanliness, catering to your clients' interests, staying abreast of your local real estate market news and other measures you can take to prepare your business for any disruption
by John Giffen Mar 22
Things are in a state of flux, and leaders need to step up their game and steer their brokerages in the right direction. Here are a few things every broker should consider when leading through a crisis
by Erica Ramus Mar 19
Understanding the difference between cash flow and appreciation
by Larry Alton Feb 20
Find out the truth about innovative investing
by Jilliene Helman Jul 22
Know before you buy
by Inman May 20
Do the research, then stick with what the numbers tell you
by John Majalca Nov 10
Don't just do what the herd thinks is best
by John Majalca Oct 14
Stay above the fray by following this advice
by John Majalca Aug 25
It depends on which demographic you're targeting
by Bernice Ross Feb 2
Commentary: Lessons from Dallas can be applied to other locales
by Inman Aug 23
OwnAmerica provides tools and training to serve growing market segment
by Steve Bergsman May 4