Getting distracted by remote possibilities in the face of uncertainty keeps you from focusing on the facts, writes Mike DelPrete
Apr 8
Mike DelPrete lays out the case for a variety of financial metrics and argues that, at the end of the day, a business eventually needs to make money
Apr 1
As the industry continues to shift gears, Mike DelPrete writes, agents are looking for greener pastures by moving to younger, more agile brokerages that offer new opportunities
Mar 18
It’s a transformative time in the industry, Mike DelPrete writes, and now is an opportunity to pause, step back, critically evaluate and use the moment to get smarter
Mar 7
Zillow is diversifying its revenue along the transaction — what it calls its super app — and is outperforming a depressed market, Mike DelPrete writes
Mar 1
Mike DelPrete examines how the number of mortgage loan originators on staff at disruptive mortgage companies can offer a leading indicator of financing demand
Jan 26
According to Mike DelPrete, high debt, low cash and a lack of profitability in its business model call into question Redfin's current trajectory and its plans for the future
Dec 12
Expect the portal wars to go into overdrive in 2024, with CoStar Group leading an ambitious effort to unseat Zillow as the country's top real estate portal, technology advisor Mike DelPrete writes
Dec 6
As we approach the final weeks of 2023, agents are continuing to migrate from legacy brands to low-fee, cloud-based brokerages. Mike DelPrete looks at the numbers and trends
Nov 16
Zillow is shoring up its Home Loans business by ratcheting up pressure on Flex agents, who refer clients to the mortgage arm or risk losing future leads, real estate advisor Mike DelPrete writes
Nov 1
Despite all the talk of alternative revenue streams, Zillow's latest money-making strategy is raising the price of its agent-based lead-gen offering
Oct 12
In a series of key charts, Aziz Sunderji of Home Economics and Mike DelPrete, a strategic adviser and global expert in real estate technology, put August existing-home sales in historical context
Sep 27
While other companies are shedding their mortgage arms, Zillow's seeing potential and doubling down on Zillow Home Loans
Sep 7
Shifts in the housing market are exposing underlying changes and the strengths and weaknesses of existing business models, including upstarts like The Real Brokerage, Mike DelPrete writes
Sep 6
The last mile of lead generation, where an agent connects with a client, is what tech can't recreate on its own, Mike DelPrete argues
Aug 29
Compass was caught flat-footed last year when the market changed, but it executed a necessary turnaround to sustainability
Aug 21
As Zillow's Listing Showcase rolls out, it’s becoming clear that it will play a central role on the seller side of the business as it unlocks new premium revenue streams
Aug 17
Zillow's new product represents a new business model — from pay-per-lead to pay-per-listing — that mirrors the way profitable international peers monetize their market-leading positions
Aug 3
The dual hypotheses that low-fee brokerages aren’t sustainable, and that their agents are less productive, are false, Mike DelPrete writes
Jun 21
With fewer transactions in play, agent recruitment and retention comes down, in many cases, to the way agents are compensated
Jun 5