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The iBuyer market share and transaction volumes isn’t a failure of the model, but rather a result of it
Nov 19
Disruption in real estate is being led by companies — and shareholders — willing to bet and lose billions of dollars
Nov 3
Does the success of the iBuyer model come at the expense of the traditional real estate structure?
Oct 19
Most of the largest real estate disruptors are moving toward hiring agents for new brokerage services — that's nearly $35B in enterprise value pushing in this direction
Oct 8
In a highly contested and crowded field, the evidence suggests a long, difficult and uncertain road ahead
Oct 5
In response to the pandemic earlier this year, leading real estate portals reacted by rolling out discounts and new products. Now, the results are in — and here's the revenue impact
Sep 11
IBuyers are buying homes again but with a more cautious approach. Once they prove they can survive the pandemic, they’ll still have to overcome the challenge of profitability
Aug 18
The new listing volume data suggests that the harder the lockdown, the bigger the drop in new listing volumes — and the faster the recovery
Aug 11