Mike's Stories

Real estate tech companies are going after mortgage, but now mortgage is going after real estate
Sep 14
IBuyers are closer than ever to profitability. But the overwhelming majority of profits are coming from record home price appreciation, which won't last and is on the decline
Sep 8
The lead may have slipped, but the truth is that both companies are extracting more revenue from agents than ever before
Aug 23
The hot real estate market has fueled strong growth across the industry. Compass' growth is noteworthy, and it demonstrates that though the industry moves slowly, some players move faster than others
Aug 18
Home prices are record high, and iBuyers are paying above market values for the houses they buy, but they're also reselling them for more than ever before
Aug 11
Driven by high purchase and sale volumes and the rise in home values, iBuyers will have blowout quarters with record revenues
Jul 29
For any company attempting to generate profits from adjacent services, and there are a lot, mortgage remains hard. It is no panacea for profitability
Jul 22
Many companies are responding to today's shift in consumer demand by launching their own instant-offer, cash-offer and trade-in programs
Jul 19