Mike's Stories

Offerpad's latest financials strongly suggest that a less venture-funded, less tech-enabled, more real estate-focused, and less breakneck version of iBuying can be (almost) profitable
Jun 10
Zillow's experience shows that adding ancillary services is a long, slow road that requires big investment, patience, and a smart, consumer-first approach
May 26
Despite all of the activity of the major portals, the monetization ratio has remained constant
May 11
The various pieces of adjacent services are being built, but they still need to be assembled in a credible way that reinvents the transaction at a meaningful scale
May 7
Attempting to directly compete with market-leading real estate portals is an incredibly difficult proposition — with success unlikely
Apr 29
The business model is undoubtedly here to stay, but not without its recovery challenges
Apr 21
A deeper look at their rapid rise reveals a trio of insightful growth stories — which may very well shape the future of America’s real estate landscape
Apr 7
Customer acquisition costs for major iBuyers is roughly similar at $3,000-$4,000, which is about 2-4X more than Redfin
Mar 24