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UK-based Purplebricks remains one of the best examples in the world of a real estate disruptor going from zero to one, according to Mike DelPrete. Here's what we can learn from its journey
Today 11:43 A.M.
All of the biggest players in real estate are cutting costs, but some are better off than others to weather the storm, Mike DelPrete argues in his first exclusive filing for Inman Intel
Jan 18
Media headlines focusing on a pending US housing market crash are based on limited data that's skewed by the outsized 2021 numbers
Dec 12
Now that earnings are in for the big box brokerages, the anticipated revenue decline is clear. But does it tell the whole story?
Nov 30
A year ago, Zillow Offers was in a similar position to where Opendoor now finds itself, and Zillow shut down its iBuying operations. Here's why the path forward might be different this time
Nov 7
Cash is king. In today's market, a company’s cash flow determines if it is in control of its own destiny
Oct 24
Year-over-year numbers don't take into account the fact that the pandemic years were radical outliers on a number of levels, real estate being just one
Oct 12
Billions of dollars have been invested to disrupt the mortgage process — which is the path to profitability for many real estate tech companies
Oct 3