Mike's Stories

Axel Springer going all in on online hybrid agents, in direct competition with its real estate agent customers, is the latest example of an evolving strategy
Jan 8
The international company is willing to invest tens-of-millions of dollars year after year to build market share — incurring big losses along the way
Dec 17
The real estate portal behemoth is a lead generation machine, and its recent foray into iBuying is no exception
Nov 12
Although not a full-scale retreat on Opendoor’s part, co-listing with agents is the strongest signal yet that agents are important to its current growth strategy
Nov 6
The basic idea behind network effects is that the more people that use a service, the more useful it is, and Zillow simply is on top in that respect
Oct 17
Real estate portals are in position to capture consumer demand for iBuying services because they are at the start of the consumer journey
Oct 8
New numbers from Phoenix show the real estate tech giant will make $9.3M on home sales this quarter, but still has lots of unsold inventory
Oct 3
It's not a binary thing, but what is clear is that Compass is less of a tech company than its peers
Sep 24