Open auditions will be held in Albany on Friday, September 11, for 'The Real Estate Commission,' a new competitive reality TV show set to air on Amazon Prime in January
by Lillian Dickerson Sep 10
Brokers can bring so much to the table by offering coaching opportunities to agents. Your motivations, guidance, advice and availability is critical to their success. Here are a handful of coaching tips brokers should heed
by Erica Ramus Aug 20
Because they're often distracted by shiny objects, homebuyers might be missing out on opportunities to purchase with little or no competition. Here are a few things agents can do to help clients adapt their behaviors and increase their chances of success
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In today's shaky economy, when things are still up in the air, should real estate companies plan for expansion through acquisitions?
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Volunteering helps to keep your perspective fresh by broadening your horizons
by Marilyn Blume Jan 20
Having to endure awful sales experiences reminds us what not to do when trying to land new business
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As you look for a competitive edge, embrace your own personality and strengths, and look for ways to amplify them
by Anna Johansson Sep 13
Susan Yannaccone discusses Coldwell Banker's strengths, how to elevate more women to power and one existential threat looming on the horizon for real estate right now
by Patrick Kearns Mar 15
Among 6,107 brokers surveyed for NAR's 2019 'Profile of Real Estate Firms,' 43% fear 'nontraditional' players
by Andrea V. Brambila Mar 7
Using these tips, you’ll develop better rapport with sellers and create relationships with clients who trust you
by Josh Doyle AND Mustafa Abbasi Nov 20
Do your homework on the sellers, the property, the neighborhood and the competition
by Nico Hohman Jul 31
The Council of Multiple Listing Services released a new white paper ahead of June 5 meeting on competition in real estate
by Patrick Kearns Jun 1
Think tank ITIF’s public forum will explore ways to make the industry more competitive
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Jerry Holden shares a few simple 'rules' on the Inman Connect stage
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Really get to know your clients, and the possibilities are endless
by Matt Bonelli Sep 12