With trillions in ‘dry powder’, investors once again eye proptech
Investment in proptech was down 66% in the first half of 2023. What’s going on, where’s the opportunity and what information can keep you ahead of the curve?
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WATCH: Vaquero Capital's Dominic Chan on the future of proptech
This week, tune in to hear from proptech power player Dominic Chan, as he breaks down the impact of proptech on the industry and the benefits it offers in today’s economy
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Real estate innovation: A glimpse into the future of proptech
Tune in to Inman Access and join Dominic Chan as he discusses the future of proptech, along with TikTok mastermind Glennda Baker, as she shares her video marketing success story
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Compass likely to avoid WeWork's fate: Venture capitalists
Compass and WeWork both took massive amounts of cash from SoftBank, but experts say the 2 companies are actually quite different
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