'Double-dipping agents' overcharge consumers billions in commissions
The Consumer Federation of America says dual agency should be banned, but double-ending should not be so long as agents discount their commission and act as facilitators
by Andrea V. Brambila May 27
A man handing a stack of $100 bills to an unseen person
Lawsuit against New York brokerage Houlihan Lawrence takes a new twist, with anonymous letters alleging the firm was paying 'secret kickbacks' to its 1,300 agents
Canadian province banned dual agency — could the United States be next?
Representing both sides of a transaction can seem efficient, but that arrangement is often suspect, and in part of Canada, it's officially banned
by Emma Hinchliffe Jun 21
Dual agency not as popular as you think
MLS data sheds new light on brokers and agents working both sides of the transaction
by Andrea V. Brambila Nov 18
California Association of Realtors will out 'Code of Ethics' violators, but only to members
Names and photos of violators will appear on portion of website that's off-limits to public
by Andrea V. Brambila May 23
Buying a listing before it hits the market isn't always a good deal
by Dian Hymer Jun 25
Broker-client relationship key to level of service
by Inman Feb 24
Share your views on controversial real estate practice
by Inman Sep 7