Revenue for the virtual cloud brokerage reaches record height, but the company is still operating at a loss
by Patrick Kearns | May 9
The virtual brokerage's revenue grew to $150.4M in the final months of 2018, up from $48.2M the year before, according to Q4 2018 earnings report
by Jim Dalrymple II | Mar 18
Agents will now be awarded a set dollar amount of shares when they hit certain goals, and the company will repurchase shares from those who want to cash out
by Patrick Kearns | Dec 27
Amherst Ave. Capital CEO and CIO Dan Cahir is the latest addition to the virtual brokerage's team
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A look at how the share prices of RE/MAX, Realogy, Zillow and more are doing as interest rates climb
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The parent company of the cloud-based brokerage released its second-quarter earnings Monday
by Emma Hinchliffe | Aug 13
Jason Gesing, CEO of eXp Realty since 2016, will be executive vice president for business development at eXp World Holdings
by Emma Hinchliffe | Aug 3
The former president and general counsel of eXp Realty comes aboard as it pivots toward a new model with fewer agents and higher commission splits
by Patrick Kearns | Jul 30
The CEO and founder of the rapidly growing cloud-based brokerage says your mantra should be, 'innovate or die'
by Inman | Jul 12
The cloud-based brokerage exhibited significant growth in earnings with revenue up 188 percent from last year
by Emma Hinchliffe | May 15
Approval would mean stock of eXp Realty's parent company, now listed on OTC, would be traded on one of America's biggest exchanges
by Gill South | Apr 4
Creating an environment that promotes retention, productivity and happiness
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Leading voices from Zillow to Fifth Wall Ventures to brokerage operators react to FCC's internet vote
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Virtual brokerage luring teams with geographic expansion opportunities
by Gill South | Nov 14
Executives at the franchisor are prohibited from receiving or arranging loans of any kind