Mitch Robinson also previously worked at Expedia and Tomo. At T3 Sixty, he'll lead a new to-be-announced business unit
by Jim Dalrymple II Jan 18
As Inman's '5 Challenges' series wraps up, take a look back at how Keller Williams, Compass, Zillow and 6 other major players will contend with low inventory, rapid growth and more in 2022
by Jim Dalrymple II Jan 2
The former CEO of Keller Williams and current executive at OJO Labs envisions a shifting market and an industry that's more oriented around teams
by Jim Dalrymple II Dec 29
Creating a more robust teams structure, filtering out the industry noise and innovating the franchise model are all major challenges the brokerage will face in the coming year
by Lillian Dickerson Dec 22
The year saw explosive rivalries, wild stock market performances and plenty of rage
by Jim Dalrymple II Dec 13
EXp founder Glenn Sanford said his company should have half a million agents in 5 years. We asked some experts if that was realistic
by Jim Dalrymple II Nov 17
Cardone made the comments while onstage Thursday at eXp Realty's Las Vegas gathering EXPCON
by Jim Dalrymple II Nov 11
This week saw a flood of real estate company earnings reports. Overall, they indicate the market is well-positioned and maybe returning to some semblance of normalcy
by Jim Dalrymple II Nov 11
The brokerage brought in $1.74B between July and September, but also lost $100M — and sees seasonality returning to the business
by Jim Dalrymple II Nov 10
Glenn Sanford made the comment while on stage at EXPCON about a week after Zillow revealed plans to abandon iBuying
by Jim Dalrymple II Nov 10
The company has long been open about having major ambitions, but Sanford said Wednesday that eXp's current trajectory will soon take it to half a million agents
by Jim Dalrymple II Nov 10
Courtney Chakarun, who is spending this week at her company's EXPCON event, spoke to Inman about eXp's growth, leadership and branding
by Jim Dalrymple II Nov 10
EXp CEO Jason Gesing also told Inman that franchising may see waning popularity, while iBuying is likely to remain a niche offering
by Jim Dalrymple II Nov 10
Ahead of eXp's EXPCON event, Sanford also discussed agent compensation and his company's latest earnings results
by Jim Dalrymple II Nov 9
EXp has managed to place itself at the forefront of numerous real estate trends. Its first companywide event since the pandemic may offer hints at where it's going in the future
by Jim Dalrymple II Nov 9