During these unprecedented times, it's important for agents to do everything they can to protect themselves and their buyers from unwanted surprises. Here are a few things you can do
by Troy Palmquist Apr 23
The credit reporting firm said this week that the average score has now hit 706, marking a dramatic turnaround from a decade ago when average scores bottomed out
by Jim Dalrymple II Sep 11
Slated for 2019, UltraFICO model could widen pool of borrowers overall, but homebuyers seeking mortgages backed by Fannie and Freddie won't have access for years
by Teke Wiggin Oct 29
Mortgage lenders using old FICO score versions is a problem
by Nabil Captan Jun 3
Educate and empower your clients
by Nabil Captan Oct 9
Use this guide to educate your clients
by Boom Rizal Jul 6
As traditional homebuyers return, it might be time to revisit mortgage fundamentals
by Ray Brousseau Jun 23
No consensus means no relief
by Steve Cook May 27
Venture capital-backed Privlo uses ‘alternative’ documentation to extend mortgages to borrowers who are falling through the cracks
by Amy Tankersley Apr 23
Data analysis nonprofit finds more than 4 million loans were lost in the last 5 years
by Amy Tankersley Apr 3
Don't let sullied payment history hold you back
by Robert Griswold Feb 24
New tool factors bankruptcy, FICO score and debt ratio into the equation
by Jack Guttentag Nov 21
Don't rely on low interest rates in today's market
by Dian Hymer Aug 1
Commentary: Answers on the horizon?
by Ken Harney Jan 4
'Mystery shopping' leads to complaints against 22 lenders
by Inman Dec 8