The tools, available on iOS, Android and desktop, provide buyers with a detailed estimate of what it will financially take to own a home
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In a wide-ranging interview, Patrick Stone, founder of the Williston Financial Group, shares his thoughts on real estate technology and his previous life as an oyster diver
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Reel in first-time buyers by educating them on the process and giving them financial health tips
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12% of all buyers bought multigenerational homes last year
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Windermere Real Estate’s Chief Economist, Matthew Gardner, gives his predictions for 2019
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The number rises to near $203,000 in San Jose, according to a study from and Thumbtack
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Credit-challenged buyers with high-risk loans have flooded the market, driving up demand and home prices, according to the American Enterprise Institute
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Real estate professionals offer consumers advice on first-time buying programs and insights into market conditions
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Not everyone is cut out for the responsibilities that come with owning a home
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Your clients will be more relaxed and comfortable with your advice, and they’ll come to a decision more easily
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An informed buyer is likely to make better decisions and be more satisfied with his or her purchase
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Affordable housing inventory has decreased by 18% year-over-year, quickly pushing up home value appreciation
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