Odeta Kushi, the deputy first economist at First American, doesn't believe the COVID-19 crisis will lead to a massive spike in foreclosures
by Patrick Kearns | Aug 10
Issued Saturday, the executive order offers some mitigation measures, but falls short of extending the moratorium included in the CARES Act
by Patrick Kearns | Aug 10
Markets on the East Coast and in Northern Illinois were most vulnerable to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic during the second quarter, according to Attom Data Solutions
by Lillian Dickerson | Jul 10
James Been, a 100-year-old army veteran and Brooklyn native, had foreclosure charges against him by JP Morgan Chase dropped on Friday
by Lillian Dickerson | Jun 29
Every town has foreclosed properties and lenders who want to get rid of them fast, especially during a recession. There’s an opportunity for agents who have the right temperament and want a high volume to serve local or regional banks. Here’s what you should know before pursuing foreclosures
by Nicole Solari | Jun 20
Inman has published more than 785 stories on the coronavirus. Here's our comprehensive list of coverage
by Jim Dalrymple II | May 20
During difficult times, agents need to step up and help homeowners facing a mortgage crunch due to COVID-19. Here are the right resources your clients need now.
by Bernice Ross | Apr 22
The 880-page bill signed into law by Trump on Friday includes credit protections, foreclosure moratoriums and forbearance on some mortgages
by Patrick Kearns | Mar 28
For now, evictions and foreclosures will be placed on a moratorium until the end of April
by Lillian Dickerson | Mar 18

Knowing more about how FHA works — and how to work with FHA — helps agents identify opportunities for their first-time buyer clients, who make up one in three buyers today. FHA is not for everyone, but for millions of young families, it is the piece that is solving the homeownership puzzle.

by Steve Cook | Feb 16
Despite a plummeting number of filings, starts increased in a third of US metros in 2019
by Patrick Kearns | Jan 16
BlackRock, among the world's largest asset managers and a significant investor in publicly traded real estate companies, including Realogy, Zillow and RE/MAX, drew attention after its CEO announced environmental sustainability would influence future investments
by Patrick Kearns | Jan 15
Establishing the habits of success starts with self-awareness and being honest with yourself
by Jack Gross | Jan 13
Institutional investors are turning to construction and iBuyers to provide single-family home rentals
by Steve Cook | Jan 9
The increase coincides with a rise in unemployment rates in those regions
by Veronika Bondarenko | Nov 12