46% of all brokerages say ‘keeping up with technology’ will be their biggest challenge in the near future
by Marian McPherson | Aug 27
A Redfin survey also shows that agent attrition is going up, and that many agents have to supplement their income with other work
by Jim Dalrymple II | Jul 24
Among them: 84% of homesellers rely on real estate agents from start to finish
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Members of each generation debate their differences and commonalities at Inman Connect San Francisco
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75 percent of Americans still say homeownership is part of their future plans
by Marian McPherson | Jan 30
Zillow study shows this generation is still behind despite market recovery
by Marian McPherson | Jul 19
About nine out of 10 buyers and sellers work with a professional, while DIY sales remain rock bottom
by Gill South | Mar 9
Baby boomers are fueling the supply
by Sam Benson | Jul 12
And an equal amount of time researching a vacation
by Marian McPherson | May 4
Markets are facing a shortage of inventory -- a problem especially for first-time buyers
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Your potential is dependent on your level of preparation
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Boomers have so much stuff and not enough space
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A deeper look at the data behind the drop
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Market is relatively stable now, but it rides on whether millennials buy homes in the future
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2015 is the year Gen X will join AARP, and they are primed for homebuying
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