More than half of buyers would purchase a haunted home in a competitive market
From things that go bump in the night to ghosts and ghouls of all descriptions, here's a breakdown of U.S. attitudes towards haunted homes
15 creepy crawly real estate stories that will make you squirm
Are you ready for some creepy, crawly real estate stories for Halloween? Bernice Ross brings you these true-life experiences from Realtors and the listing photographers at HomeJab
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'Conjuring' homeowners asked for ghosts' permission to do renovations
The owners of the country's most famous haunted house, a 285-year-old Rhode Island estate made famous by the 2013 horror flick 'The Conjuring,' is on the market for $1.2M
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Millennials are 13 times more likely to buy a haunted house
Not because they like ghosts — it’s because they’re broke
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Selling a haunted house? Have no fear
Betrayal, unrequited love, revenge and punishment are often motives for ghosts to stick around
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A woman's silhouette in a haunted room
Looks like haunted houses don't scare off all buyers, according to
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A haunted house