Missing middle: Home shortage for middle-income buyers hits 320K
The US needs to not just build more new homes, but build more new homes that are affordable to most people, according to a new report from the National Association of Realtors and Realtor.com
'Affordable housing makes good business sense': EXIT co-chair
Homeownership plays an outsized role in wealth building, but a lack of affordable housing is keeping it out of reach for too many Americans. That's bad for business
by Tami Bonnell Nov 8
Interest rate hikes keep Miami the least affordable city in the nation
Buyers would have to spend 86% of their income to afford the $600,000 median home price, according to new research released Monday from RealtyHop
by Taylor Anderson Jul 12
Making $67K? That's no longer enough to buy the typical US home
Q2 of 2022 saw the affordability of the typical home purchase erode at the fastest pace in at least 2 decades. Median home purchases would have taken up 31.5% of average annualized wage
by Daniel Houston Jun 30
NAR chief economist: We may be in for a 'most unique' recession
Lawrence Yun predicted this year's housing market will see declining sales, rising home prices and an American Dream increasingly out of reach
Discrimination second only to high prices as biggest obstacle to buying
The National Association of Realtors latest consumer survey revealed affordability is the main thing plaguing homebuyers, followed by discrimination, mortgage access and agent performance
by Marian McPherson Apr 14
Homeowner support grows for mother-in-law units: Survey
Homeowners, long resistant to new apartments in their neighborhoods, are increasingly open to other ways of adding housing units, according to a new survey by Zillow
by Daniel Houston Apr 11
Pay raises aren't keeping up with rise in home prices, mortgage rates
Homebuyers used to be able to count on falling mortgage rates and rising wages to offset red-hot home prices; that's no longer the case
by Daniel Houston Dec 29
Homebuilders primed for big year of earnings. Here's the stocks to watch
Anticipating a high demand for homes, a research team at JPMorgan Chase is bullish on several real-estate stocks and investment trusts, according to a new analysis
by Daniel Houston Sep 24
Low mortgage rates keep home costs in an acceptable range
Ownership costs for the median home remain within a normal range but are nearing the point where lenders might start to balk
by Daniel Houston Sep 22
Miami neck and neck with pricey California metros as home prices surge
Another year of home price growth has pushed some metros to extremes, including Miami, where income growth hasn't been able to keep up, according to new data from OJO Labs
by Daniel Houston Sep 9
Number of affordable places to live hits lowest point in 2 years
Home prices in most counties in a recent study were less affordable than their historical averages as price growth outpaced rising wages
by Daniel Houston Jun 30
Interest in second homes is increasing, with men leading the charge
55.7% of Americans who don't own a second home say they now want one, compared to just 46.4% who expressed a desire for a second home prior to the pandemic
by Lillian Dickerson Dec 10
US home affordability makes gains in second quarter
In the second quarter of 2020, median prices of single-family homes and condos have been more affordable than historic averages in nearly half of the United States
by Lillian Dickerson Jun 24
Home affordability modestly improves in first quarter of 2020
Median home prices were still unaffordable for 66 percent of U.S. counties in Q1 2020, but that number decreased from 70.4% in Q4 2019
by Lillian Dickerson Mar 25