5 myths (you may believe) about affordable housing
Agent Missy Yost debunks common misconceptions around affordable housing that you may need to reconsider
by Missy Yost Jan 9
3 in 10 homes on market are newly built, the highest share in decades
A home for sale today is nearly twice as likely to be newly built than in 2019 as a glut of unsold projects reaches the market, according to a new report from Redfin
by Daniel Houston Nov 8
The 7-day home sale is a rarity again as market slowdown continues
The median home for sale is spending 45% longer on the market than it was at this time last year, according to Zillow's research team
by Daniel Houston Oct 31
Signs of seasonal inventory growth return in strained housing market
The number of homes for sale rose in June for the second consecutive month but remained far from a full recovery to pre-pandemic levels
by Daniel Houston Jul 19
New residential home sales increase 32%
Sales of new residential homes were up 32% year over year, according to data released Monday by the US Census Bureau
by Patrick Kearns Oct 26
It's a wash: Home price appreciation outpaces savings from low rates
While purchasing power rose by 6.9% year over year in July, home prices climbed 8.2%, according to a new study released Thursday by Redfin
by Patrick Kearns Sep 3
Redfin is welcoming back 35% of furloughed staff
As homebuying demand returns in some parts of the country, Redfin is calling back approximately 350 furloughed employees, including agents
by Patrick Kearns May 22
Compass report shows the housing market hit bottom in mid-April
The detailed report gives a market-by-market look at the global pandemic's impact on real estate
by Patrick Kearns May 18
New listings can't keep up with demand: Redfin
The company published 5 charts Friday that showed the stark impact that COVID-19 has had on the housing market
by Patrick Kearns May 1
Interest in 3D tours explodes on Zillow, especially for rentals
With in-person real estate activity banned or limited in many markets, agents are taking to Zillow's 3D tours feature
by Patrick Kearns Apr 3
Silver tsunami set to hit housing market over next 2 decades
Baby boomers are set to vacate their currently occupied homes at a much higher rate, according to Zillow study
by Patrick Kearns Nov 25
This is the best week of the year to buy a home
A new study from realtor.com declares the week of Sept. 22 the 'Black Friday' of homeshopping
by Patrick Kearns Sep 23
Top 10 most expensive DC homes for sale right now
MRIS compiled a list of most expensive properties in D.C. metro area for sale on the MLS
by Inman Jun 17
baltimore market
MRIS compiled a list of most expensive properties in Baltimore metro area for sale on MLS
by Inman Jun 15
Ahead of the spring season Miami Beach real estate is in a lull
The market is leaning pretty strongly in favor of homebuyers
by Inman Mar 18