Missy's Stories

Many first-time homebuyers are overwhelmed by the process. Take time to explain everything from start to finish and ease their anxiety — and you might just develop a lifetime client
Jan 27
Set a routine that includes positivity, taking time away and hustle
Jan 13
It isn't always a bad idea to spend time with potential clients who have yet to get a pre-approval letter
Dec 30
Half the battle is knowing when to compete and when to walk away
Dec 16
There are multiple ways both big and small you can show your clients appreciation. Here are six quick ideas
Dec 2
We've all dealt with impossible client expectations and demands. Here's how to stay level-headed through contentious transactions
Nov 15
Start small, look at the numbers, get to know people, and create a budget
Nov 4
Here's how you can successfully convert a FSBO into a client
Oct 21