At a time when people are staying home en masse to combat a global health crisis, many in the real estate industry question whether or not their jobs should be considered essential
by Lillian Dickerson | Mar 27
A slew of coronavirus myths, rumors and false medical advice has been making the rounds on the internet. By putting fact-checking practices to good use, you can snuff out misinformation when it makes its way to your screen and ensure you never share it
by Jay Thompson | Mar 25
No matter what happens, homes will be bought and sold. Someone has to sell them, and hopefully it’s you. How you handle this matters
by Jay Thompson | Mar 11
If you take all that effort and energy spent spinning your wheels in every direction and focus on your business, you just might find yourself too busy selling real estate to get distracted
by Jay Thompson | Feb 26
Don’t FSBO your financial future, seek professional help
by Jay Thompson | Feb 19
An industry veteran shares how he took his brokerage from brick-and-mortar to virtual, and offers advice on how you can do the same
by Jay Thompson | Feb 12
Strive to be the producer who solves problems and guides clients, who helps others get better and who gives back to this industry we all love
by Jay Thompson | Feb 5
Digital etiquette isn’t all that different from real life etiquette: If you wouldn't do or say something IRL, don't do it online
by Jay Thompson | Jan 29
By accepting your failures and analyzing what went wrong, you can learn from the experience and leverage that learning into 'fail-proofing' your business
by Jay Thompson | Jan 22
What seems routine to you might be a mystery to your clients, but by continuing to educate them, you can help them prepare for the unexpected during the homebuying or selling process
by Jay Thompson | Jan 15
You might already have your resolutions and goals set, but do you have a focus word?
by Jay Thompson | Jan 2
As we roll into the next decade, look ahead, think like the consumer, watch for trends and don’t get stuck in the past
by Jay Thompson | Dec 11
Don't let apathy take over amidst the festivities in the wake of the 'Newsday' investigation
by Jay Thompson | Nov 26
It’s well past time to face the ugly truth — racial discrimination, as pointed out in the Newsday study, is happening in real estate. Denying it won’t make it go away
by Jay Thompson | Nov 20
You can make real-life, long-lasting, legit connections and friends
by Jay Thompson | Nov 15