This was not our finest hour
by Jay Thompson | May 22
It's not as tough as some make it out to be. Interact with users, provide good content, make some effort to build a follower base, test and measure your efforts
by Jay Thompson | May 15
Sure, we all want our 'friends' (and their friends) to engage with us online both personally and professionally, but don't make these gross moves
by Jay Thompson | May 8
Meditation can help you relax, focus and be the real estate pro you want to be
by Jay Thompson | May 1
We can't all be Joan Jett — so if you do give a damn about your bad reputation, check out these tools that'll help you keep up with the word on the curb
by Jay Thompson | Apr 25
Ashley Okland was shot while showing a model home
by Veronika Bondarenko | Apr 12
If you wouldn’t put all your financial investments into one basket, why would you even consider putting all your lead generation efforts into one?
by Jay Thompson | Apr 10
You don’t need to be paranoid and quake in fear every time you show a home or hold an open house — but you do need to prepare for a worst-case scenario
by Jay Thompson | Apr 3
The alternatives could almost always be far worse, so focus on the positive
by Jay Thompson | Mar 27
Be a good human and understand that helping others through social media can and will lead to future business
by Jay Thompson | Mar 20
Keep being human and focus your energy and effort on providing a stellar customer service experience with a healthy dose of empathy
by Jay Thompson | Mar 13
Look at your blog as a platform for showcasing your expertise and your personality, and you might just find yourself a successful real estate blogger
by Jay Thompson | Mar 6
Please, continuously learn, hone your craft, and get information from the source
by Jay Thompson | Mar 1
If you don't believe it, just ask Tiger Woods, Toyota and British Petroleum
by Jay Thompson | Feb 20
Although these truths might be difficult for buyers, sellers and their agents to accept, they are unyielding
by Jay Thompson | Feb 13