13 tips for avoiding toxicity in real estate
Find out how to recognize workplace toxicity, learn how to avoid it, and pick up tips on how to cut out trolls online
by Dani Vanderboegh Oct 14
Will Compass' changes to agent pay slow its growth?
The brokerage has grown rapidly thanks to generous handouts of cash and stocks to newly onboarded real estate agents. But amid leaner times, those perks are going away
by Jim Dalrymple II Aug 24
Breaking down the Zillow-Opendoor partnership: An ex-Zillow guy’s take
It's the matchup of 2 erstwhile rivals, and bitter foes to many in the real estate industry, that has tongues wagging and agents shaking their heads
by Jay Thompson Aug 12
7 safety tips for brand new agents
While you've probably thought about a lot of aspects of practicing real estate, the one you should start with is your personal safety. Here's how to stay safer as you go about your daily activities
by Jay Thompson Jul 5
What's a 'reset' anyway? A veteran's take on the Fed chair's comments
Interest rates and out-of-whack supply and demand have Powell calling for a market 'reset.' Here's what that means for the real estate industry
by Jay Thompson Jun 22
Do better: Stop rejoicing over industry layoffs
Laughing and cheering at the expense of others, whether those others are real estate professionals losing their jobs or celebrities embroiled in abusive situations, has no place in this industry
by Jay Thompson Jun 16
'Not with a bang but a whimper': Why REX 'shuttering' doesn't really matter
During its tenure, REX made a lot of noise in court, but not so much in the marketplace. Now, as they appear to have bowed out of the fight, at least in part, Jay Thompson is left wondering what all of the fuss was about
by Jay Thompson May 31
The broker's dilemma: 'What if I train them and they leave?'
A solid training and development program is quite likely to improve retention, as well as attract new talent. Although you may lose someone occasionally, you’re also going to have happier, more satisfied agents working for and with you
by Jay Thompson May 25
Why my opinion on Roe v. Wade doesn't matter
Although the overturning of Roe v. Wade promises to have a massive cultural impact, some experts also posit an impact on migration patterns
by Jay Thompson May 10
Men, we need to learn when to shut up
You may have the best intentions in the world and consider yourself an advocate for women (I do). But now's the time to shut up and listen — don't learn this lesson the hard way
by Jay Thompson Mar 28
Coming this spring: Fear, doubt and 'a perfect storm of uncertainty'
Agents are prone to wanting to fix everything; it’s the nature of the business. That makes it tough to communicate in the face of uncertainty
by Jay Thompson Mar 15
'The economy always grows in war' and other things agents shouldn't say
You want to help your clients, that’s totally understandable. You need to remember, though, where your expertise lies, and it's not in predicting the future of a very volatile situation
by Jay Thompson Mar 8
Why age is just a number when you're working with clients

Lumping people into “generations” based on population shifts on a graph and applying wholesale marketing techniques to them makes about as much sense as me telling you to avoid people born in the year of the rabbit, says Jay Thompson. Here’s why he thinks marketing by age demographics is a racket.

by Jay Thompson Jan 28
25 inspiring quotes for real estate agents
Need a little boost in motivation? From Michael Jordan to Confucius, here are some wise words from the world's most successful individuals to give you that dose of inspiration (or simply just entertainment)
by Jay Thompson Jan 21
What I learned about real estate while sailing the Pacific
Back in August, Jay Thompson spent three weeks in the middle of the Pacific, confined to a 72-foot boat plowing through waves in an impossibly large ocean. Here's what he learned on the epic adventure — about people, real estate and life
by Jay Thompson Dec 31