Why it pays to stay in touch
If you stay in touch continuously, it will pay off in the long run.
by Lew Sichelman Dec 17
Cohabitation of unmarried couples is on the rise as marriage rates decline
New research shows that more and more unmarried couples are living together, so real estate agents need to be prepared to work with these types of clients
by Lew Sichelman Dec 3
All signs point to a strong housing market in 2020
Thanks to increased wage growth, a slowing of home price appreciation and a predicted surge in first-time buyers, the new year should start off with a bang
by Lew Sichelman Nov 19
The Statue of Liberty
The data shows that immigrant communities are associated with economic growth
by Lew Sichelman Nov 5
Slowing down pace of foreclosure can be counterproductive: Study
New paper has surprising insights into the impact that foreclosure policies have on the broader housing market
by Lew Sichelman Oct 22
Affordability is ‘getting worse, not better’: Report
PwC’s Emerging Trends in Real Estate details a nationwide crisis in affordable housing and its causes
by Lew Sichelman Oct 8
How are franchises faring? NAR study digs into the numbers
The report compares key metrics between 28 franchises. Keller Williams boasts the most agents, but more agents joined Berkshire Hathaway over the past 2 years
by Lew Sichelman Sep 24
Zombies, fraud and opportunity: All the mortgage stats you might’ve missed
As the summer comes to an end, here's a roundup of some recent mortgage-related research that you might have missed
by Lew Sichelman Sep 10
Single-family, built-for-rental housing inches forward
Over past 2 years, 84k houses have been built solely for lease
by Lew Sichelman Aug 27
‘Elder orphans’ more likely to move: Study
A wave of childless elderly people are likely to shape the future of housing
by Lew Sichelman Aug 13
Miami Florida flooding during Hurricane Irma
The authors determined that in most places, waterfront or near waterfront properties continued to demand 'significant price premiums,' even though there were concerns about flood risk
by Lew Sichelman Jul 30
Why younger generations need to understand credit scores now
Only 1 in 10 young consumers bother checking their credit scores, according to recent research
by Lew Sichelman Jul 16
Studies find that 2017 tax reform has mixed impacts on homebuying
Fed economists say that tax reform slowed the housing market, and higher-income homebuyers were affected most
by Lew Sichelman Jul 2
When lenders reject US veterans, who you gonna call?
NewDay USA parachutes in to help veterans with their mortgages where traditional banking institutions balk
by Lew Sichelman Jun 19
Outlook for US mortgage rates remains stable, housing crunch continues
The prediction is more of the same, says Mike Frantantoni, the chief economist at the Mortgage Bankers Association 
by Lew Sichelman Jun 4