The $45M Russian Hill estate overlooks the city's most famous landmarks and views
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High-end buyers are looking for lavish features such as collection garages, kitchens for entertaining and indoor-outdoor pool areas
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Affordable housing inventory has decreased by 18% year-over-year, quickly pushing up home value appreciation
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The boom in prices will impact middle-class families whose income can't keep pace
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Redfin: luxury home prices held steady in the second quarter, but trends vary by city
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Luxury prices falling, starter homes rising
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Cash sales nationwide are slowly dropping back to normal
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Wyoming town named hotter luxury housing market over NYC, SF, Miami
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With Manhattan’s oversupply of luxury apartments, demand for high-end in Brooklyn is increasing
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Median home price in the town ranges from $3.4 million to $4 million
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For $35 million, luxury and grand design in The Venetian Islands
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