What the Keller Williams Expansion Network means for teams
The launch of the new Expansion Network is a welcome addition to the support already provided by Keller Williams. It's what KW teams need to stay ahead of the competition — and here's why
Gary Keller at Keller Williams KW Family Reunion 2019
Operating partners will no longer be required to own a stake in their market center, and the company is removing noncompete language for third-party vendors
by Patrick Kearns Aug 12
Keller Williams orders purge of thousands of ‘ghost agents’
Haunted by rosters of inactive, unlicensed and deceased agents, KW President Josh Team confirmed the company will purge up to 15,000 names nationwide
by Patrick Kearns Feb 5
KW to launch virtual brokerages for expansion business owners
KW joins eXp Realty and Real in offering an innovative virtual solution to industry growth problems
by Patrick Kearns Aug 20
Keller Williams announces best profit-sharing numbers to date
The company has distributed more than $113.7 million in profit share in 2015
by Gill South Nov 10