Adam's Stories

Knowing how to be the best leader you can be is the first step before you can really be effective in helping your team blossom and grow.
May 17
From financial mistakes to shiny object syndrome, there are so many ways to get off track. Here's how to avoid game-changing errors — or get back on track after making one
Apr 27
You may experience imposter syndrome from time to time as your business grows, you take on a new role in your real estate team, or when you are presented with a new and exciting opportunity. These feelings can be overcome so that everyone succeeds
Apr 14
Building a real estate company or team can be messy, but business is simple. Get back to basics and focus on what matters
Apr 7
Real estate agents can be solopreneurs, intrapreneurs or entrepreneurs — the choice is yours. But if you go the entrepreneur route, here’s what you need to know
Mar 25
Although there are many women in real estate, there are far fewer in leadership roles. Correcting the imbalance requires everyone to lean in and create a culture that allows everyone to thrive
Mar 24
Success in work and life happens one conversation at a time. The more feedback team members give and get, the better everyone will become
Mar 14
The first 100 days are critical in setting your newly hired staff member up for success and ensuring a swift return on your team's investment
Mar 3