Adam's Stories

Build a foundation now for daily strength and continued growth, and when the tough times hit, you'll be ready
Apr 8
No one said building a business was easy. But if you tap into these 10 team-building basics, you'll be on your way toward sustainable and scalable growth in no time
Apr 1
Imagine cutting your to-do list in half and being 2X-5X more effective? It's possible when approached with intention and clarity
Mar 25
Add these into your cadence of accountability with your team, and watch your relationships grow and your team members flourish
Mar 18
When new agents join a team, they can fast-track their success through models, systems, coaching, training, leads, culture and the opportunity for growth
Mar 11
Like with most growing organizations, leadership changes over time, but Gary Keller's message has not
Mar 2
From how to get better leads to what books to read, here are some of the most common queries team leaders hear — and how to answer them
Feb 25
Growth requires a bit of suffering — and that's OK. The next time you are about to embark on a new challenge, ask yourself: What you are willing to do to accomplish your goals?
Feb 18