Applications are still up year-over-year, however
by Marian McPherson | Jul 14
Two months into the new mortgage disclosure regime, real estate industry assesses how the complex regulations are affecting mortgage applications, closing times and relationships with industry partners
by Amy Tankersley | Dec 24
Leading Real Estate Companies of the World has completed its first sales manager leadership training course
by Gill South | Dec 22
How to use the psychology of persuasion
by Sean Kirby | Oct 29
Seeking to better serve emerging markets, partners will modify Freddie Mac’s Home Possible mortgage products, which Quicken already issues
by Amy Tankersley | Oct 22
August sees 6 percent drop in mortgage applications for newly built properties
by Erik Pisor | Sep 10
Drop in loan applications for newly built homes in line with overall slowdown in purchase mortgage market, MBA says
by Amy Tankersley | Aug 14
Analysts make splash with reports noting delinquent mortgages are falling to levels not seen since financial and housing markets collapsed
by Amy Tankersley | Aug 13
MBA’s latest weekly survey shows little movement in purchase applications, but refis are on the rebound
by Amy Tankersley | Aug 12
Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac revise earlier estimates for July home sales
by Amy Tankersley | Jul 24
Numbers show increase in starts, much to the delight of builders — but housing recovery challenges remain
by Amy Tankersley | Jul 20
Trade group survey sees increase of just 1 percent in June after decreasing 9 percent in May
by Amy Tankersley | Jul 16
MBA survey finds some interest rates climbed to their highest levels since last fall
by Amy Tankersley | Jul 1
White paper calls for operational, capital and liquidity requirements for loan servicers
by Amy Tankersley | Jun 29
After months of denying requests for implementation delay or ‘hold harmless’ enforcement period, bureau agrees to postpone regulation due to ‘administrative error’
by Amy Tankersley | Jun 18