Here's what you can do to mitigate the 'lock-in effect' for clients
Current market conditions may have homeowners feeling trapped. Splitero CEO Michael Gifford shares a perspective shift to help you provide hope and flexibility
by Michael Gifford Sep 13
Does low inventory make the market crash-proof?
On The Download this week, we're asking: Is low inventory having a protective effect on the housing market? How long can it last?
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Here are 5 reasons we won't see a housing market crash this year
According to Splitero CEO Michael Gifford, we’re still in an affordability crisis and unlikely to see a complete housing market tumble in 2023
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Home equity investment startup Splitero launches, raises $5.8M
The fintech startup offers home equity investments of up to $500,000 without income or credit score requirements and no monthly payments. The funds have a 30-year repayment period
by Andrea V. Brambila Apr 12