Consumers frustrated with lack of time to review stacks of paperwork, jargon-filled documents
by Inman | Apr 29
New rule will not go into effect until August 2015
by Andrea V. Brambila | Nov 20
Do you know where to look?
by Jack Guttentag | Jun 25
Part 1: Truth in mortgage disclosure
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Bureau: More than 13K comments on draft forms for simplified mortgage disclosure
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CFPB trying to combine best features of TILA, RESPA loan disclosures into one form
by Inman | May 19
Many shoppers encounter inaccurate rates, third-party fees
by Jack Guttentag | Jan 10
Federal rule would zap lenders' referral power for third-party services
by Jack Guttentag | Oct 18
Some are nonsensical and do nothing to help borrowers
by Jack Guttentag | Aug 9
Lenders want more time, clarification of new disclosure rules
by Matt Carter | Oct 16
So why is it absent from lending reforms?
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Mortgage disclosures, prepayment penalties eyed
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