Portal changes language around lender ads in its co-marketing program
by Andrea V. Brambila Mar 22
Although decision upholds RESPA’s exemptions for certain affiliated business practices, industry leaders caution that it’s ‘not a green light for MSAs’
by Amy Tankersley Nov 3
'First-of-its-kind' agreement crumbles in federal court cases alleging breach of contract
by Amy Tankersley Sep 27
State insurance division passes regulation prohibiting title insurance providers from entering into MSAs with real estate and other settlement service partners
by Amy Tankersley Aug 31
Companies adjust certain provisions of their strategic relationship agreement
by Amy Tankersley Nov 13
Some feel the bureau’s interpretation of RESPA is overly broad, while others say key questions remain unanswered
by Amy Tankersley Oct 16
Lenders say MSAs are dangerous and difficult to handle
by Wes Miller Sep 11
Embattled Michigan title company rebuilds via partnership with Safe Title
by Amy Tankersley Jun 19
An MSA can have tremendous benefits for its partners, but they must be carefully structured
by Amy Tankersley Apr 13