The virtual online brokerage made a splash against publicly traded competitors on its first day of big-league trading
by Emma Hinchliffe | May 21
Virtual brokerage trading moves to Nasdaq
by Emma Hinchliffe | May 21
The cloud-based brokerage exhibited significant growth in earnings with revenue up 188 percent from last year
by Emma Hinchliffe | May 15
E-signature platform DocuSign, backed by NAR-tied fund, saw stock climb on first day of trading
by Emma Hinchliffe | Apr 27
Approval would mean stock of eXp Realty's parent company, now listed on OTC, would be traded on one of America's biggest exchanges
by Gill South | Apr 4
Embattled Ocwen spinoff has twice missed deadline on financial reports with SEC
by Amy Tankersley | Mar 23
Regulatory filing does not commit company to offer securities
by Inman | Dec 10
Zillow exec rings the NASDAQ opening bell
by Inman | Jul 20
30-year fixed rate at 5.95%; 10-year Treasury yield at 4.01%
by Inman | May 29
30-year fixed rate at 5.85%; 10-year Treasury yield at 3.92%
by Inman | May 28
30-year fixed rate at 5.81%; 10-year Treasury yield at 3.91%
by Inman | May 23
30-year fixed rate at 5.74%; 10-year Treasury yield at 3.81%
by Inman | May 22
30-year fixed rate at 5.71%; 10-year Treasury yield at 3.77%
by Inman | May 21
30-year fixed rate at 5.76%; 10-year Treasury yield at 3.83%
by Inman | May 20
30-year fixed rate at 5.76%; 10-year Treasury yield at 3.85%
by Inman | May 19