Economic changes, tariffs and international conflicts can put buyers on edge — here’s how to help sort it all out
by Marian McPherson Aug 7
One broker expects the affected area to see a 'stopping period,' or a quiet period in home sales after the fire
by Jim Dalrymple II Nov 10
Stephanie Neumann, a Realtor with Blue Team Realty, fears the entire town of Paradise, California, could be lost by the quickly spreading fire
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Agents along the North Carolina coastline are readying their properties and helping clients, including many vacation homeowners, prepare for landfall
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CoreLogic expert Tom Larsen sits down with Inman to explain the ins and outs of home insurance and assessing your natural disaster risk
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Diane Turton, Realtors said the sign came from a beachfront listing in Brielle, New Jersey
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Local real estate board director Kehaulani Costa looks for ways to help residents after 92 structures are destroyed, and counting ...
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Some homeowners and part-time residents in closest proximity to the active Kilauea volcano have already abandoned the Big Island for safety on U.S. mainland
by Gill South May 15
At least 35 structures were reported destroyed and 1,700 people forced to evacuate as lava continues to flow
by Gill South May 7
An earthquake and the eruption of Kilauea has unleashed lava, released dangerous sulfur dioxide and caused the evacuation of several communities
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After extremely heavy rainfall from a storm of close to 28 inches last weekend on the island of Kauai, the North Shore community there was bowing under pressure to cope with mudslides, road closures, landslides and flooding
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Report shows Los Angeles County faces biggest threat, with 1.5 million homes in the line of danger
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Technology will continue to revolutionize the real estate transaction
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Mass evacuations around the LA area are affecting people across industries, including Hollywood and the arts
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Agents evacuating, checking on homes and reassuring clients in time of crisis
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