Helps buyers search for a home that fits their lifestyle
by Marian McPherson | Mar 19
"The Tonight Show" engages millennials like no other
by Hassib Amiryar | Nov 30 provides city information and rankings
by Teke Wiggin | Jun 22
Niche Local leverages sister websites' traffic for community reviews and ratings
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These changes could cause a higher level of distiction among firms
by Gregory Kiep | May 19
Improvements will help real estate sites innovate
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Tool puts hyperlocal data 'front and center' on property pages
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Online stats doing ‘what brokers have been forbidden to do for the better part of 4 decades’
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Inman News special report explores how data can mislead consumers and stigmatize listings
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Inman News special report explores how neighborhood stats are undermining agents, subverting fair housing laws and reshaping communities
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Publisher pages created by GreatSchools and PolicyMap show potential real estate uses
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Site offers immersive guides to 300-plus neighborhoods
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Site adds local community data, more MLS data fields
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Startup helps users scope out details on locale
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