Gregory's Stories

We are just now getting into the holiday season, and I know a lot of real estate agents want to relax, rest and sort of “glide” through the end of the year. They might have hit their commission numbers, and they know that the market tends to slow as people prepare for the holidays and family time.

Dec 1

Every day, consumers are inundated with marketing from agents and companies pitching their services and looking for their next transaction. The vast majority of these materials are not only boring but also totally ineffective.

Sep 6

Networking — to many people, the idea behind this concept is standing around with a glass of wine after a long work day throwing business cards at people and trying to feign interest. We have all been to events to meet people that were boring and can think of tons of other things we would rather do. But, as many established agents will say, these events are important especially as you build your personal brand.

Aug 31

Spring is the time of year when buyers really start to come out and look at homes. It’s also when homes tend to show their best in many markets with fresh flowers, longer days and a general sense of happiness in the air. As an agent, you know to never rest and always be ready to find the next client, but spring can be a busy season for many industry pros. Here are 5 ways to distinguish yourself from the competition.

May 4

It’s hard to believe that another new year is right around the corner. Each year, the ideas behind real estate marketing shift a little. Modern methods become increasingly important while others lose priority.

Dec 23

Social media tends to be one of those marketing items that gets away from real estate agents on a consistent basis. We understand that it’s important to have many touches each year with our sphere of influence. But sometimes drop the ball on this when we get busy.

Nov 9

I have been involved in the real estate industry for more than 10 years in a variety of markets. Starting as a salesperson, I did over 100 transactions my first year before moving into development and, ultimately, marketing.

Sep 30

We spent hours researching the components of a site that are relevant to potential buyers and offer advantages to sellers and the agents representing the property. Here are eight parts of a property website you want to include.

Sep 21