Private mortgage insurers have friends in high places
House lawmakers with differing views on Fannie and Freddie ask SEC not to hinder a system that private mortgage insurers have used to transfer nearly $68B in risk since 2015
by Matt Carter May 26
Essent scooping up Finance of America's title businesses for $100M
Struggling lender's pivot to reverse mortgages creates an opportunity for big private mortgage insurer to acquire Agents National Title and Boston National Title
by Matt Carter Feb 2
NAR: New Fannie and Freddie mortgage fees will hit middle class
The mortgage giants' federal regulator eliminates upfront fees for first-time homebuyers of limited means, but some better-off borrowers will see increases starting May 1
by Matt Carter Jan 20
Credit union invites members to back zero-down mortgages
Blue Federal Credit Union is partnering with real estate agents to find creditworthy borrowers for creative 'no-money-down' mortgage program
by Matt Carter Oct 4
Staircase automates underwriting of private mortgage insurance
MI Underwriting pulls documents and data directly from lenders, allowing mortgage insurers to make instant policy decisions at half the cost
by Matt Carter Sep 19
Housing affordability races toward levels not seen since 2006 bubble
If mortgage rates rise by another half a percentage point — or if home prices go up another 5% — affordability will hit the worst levels on record, Black Knight warned on Monday
by Matt Carter May 2
Mortgage insurer Enact's IPO is back on track
With investors showing renewed confidence, Genworth Financial is ready to move forward with plans to sell part of its mortgage insurance subsidiary in an initial public offering
by Matt Carter Sep 15
Private mortgage insurer National MI integrates with Mortgage Coach
Homebuyers who can't put 20 percent down now have more options when comparing loans
by Matt Carter Aug 24
Genworth postpones IPO of its mortgage insurance business
The company cited volatility in trading of mortgage insurance companies as the reason for delay
by Matt Carter May 13
Big mortgage insurer may jump on IPO bandwagon
After throwing in the towel on a $2.7 billion merger, Genworth Financial is considering spinning off its mortgage insurance division
by Matt Carter Apr 13
With the pandemic’s impact on homeowners still uncertain, Secretary of Housing Marcia Fudge says a cautious approach is warranted for now
by Matt Carter Mar 31
What is PMI? 3 things your buyers need to know
Building a relationship with quality loan officers is a great way to stay on top of lending changes and drum up referrals
by Pat Hiban Sep 5
6 facts you should know about VA loans
Increase your business by educating your buyers on the benefits
by Kayla Matthews May 25