Agents can save sellers time, money, liability and hassle
by Chris Rediger Jul 2
The reality is that a house is worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it, not what a seller has 'invested' in it
by Ann Jones Mar 31
Lower-income homes have proven to raise value and decrease crime
by Patricia Whitaker Apr 28
Being environmentally friendly is always positive, but adding feature to improve value may not be the best option
by Gretchen Koitz Dec 21
White House program targeting dozens of cities
by Amy Tankersley Jul 15
An infographic explanation of what this means and how to prevent it
by Jared Speck Jul 8
RealtyTrac’s quarterly survey finds that more than 13 percent of all mortgages are underwater
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Low valuation could sideline your loan approval
by Steve Bergsman Sep 28
Falling prices cause many owners to question assessed value
by Robert Griswold Jun 14
Think tax breaks, energy efficiency, physics
by Bernice Ross Dec 29