Understanding the sales funnel: A guide for new real estate agents
Feeling a little lost about sales funnels? Here's an explainer to break down what they are and how to use them to grow your real estate business
by Jessi Healey Aug 12
Real estate is a science. Selling it is an art
Creativity, flair, experience and talent must be applied to the facts of the science to achieve the best possible outcome
by Ken Sisson Jul 19
Knowing new construction gives you a competitive edge — here's why
The inventory shortage isn’t going to last forever. In the meantime, studying the economy, real estate market statistics and particularly the new home construction process will make you a fierce competitor in today’s market and the future
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Show potential buyers everything about a development with Imerza
A powerful tool for developers and new construction sales teams, Imerza is taking property rendering and real estate data visualizations to the top floor
by Craig C. Rowe Feb 26
Lesson Learned: Whoever talks first loses
Detroit broker Erica Collica learned early on that patience is a virtue when you’re building a real estate career, especially during negotiations
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What buying a bike taught me about real estate sales
Leave all preconceived notions at the door, and listen to your customers
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6 signs that real estate sales are softening in your local market
The 'national' forecasts can be deceiving, so look to your own neck of the woods
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Podcast: How to double your real estate sales annually
A focus on customer service can reap major rewards for your business
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A home inspector in a new property
The inspection contingency is typically the first on the sales timeline
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7 reasons Snapchat fuels real estate sales
Is this platform the agent's perfect sidekick?
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A boiler room
Chris Smith breaks down the best techniques to communicate and close real estate sales
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Everything real estate professionals need to know about the Fair Housing Act
Five decades after the landmark law was enacted, it still impacts all real estate professionals on a daily basis
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Why introverts are great salespeople
Being extroverted doesn't make you great at selling
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My first sale: Dreams don't need their own room
Dennis M. Donahue looks back 40 years at his first sale
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