11 alternatives to ShowingTime: new apps to manage home showings
2021's legacy to proptech will be a major jump in the number of technology products developed to help agents show homes
by Craig C. Rowe Dec 30
Local Showings by Delta Media enters the showing coordination contest: Tech Review
What ShowingTime really had going for it before its acquisition was timing. It was first to market, the first to get its toe in the MLS door. What it lacks is the industry experience and collective mass intelligence that its new alternatives now have going for it
by Craig C. Rowe Dec 20
The 6 tech trends that defined real estate in 2021
Finally, COVID-19 wasn't at the heart of the year's prevailing real estate technology trends. Instead, 2021 was marked by notable acquisitions and the fallout from the biggest of them all
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Showingly proves itself a comprehensive tool for showing property: Tech review
Companies seeking to organize and track consumer interest in their listings could realize benefits in using this app, as could MLSs seeking an alternative software in this category to offer members
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Showing management startup Showingly snags deal with Miami Realtors
The deal comes amid a tumultuous time for the showing management industry after the announcement of Zillow's ShowingTime acquisition
by Andrea V. Brambila Apr 28
Everything you need to know about showing management platforms
The showing management space have never been more crowded. That's a boon to agents — as long as they can wade through their many options
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