Can 3D tours upend pro listing photos? Not likely
Although 3D tours certainly saw an uptick during the pandemic, using them on every listing isn’t practical or necessary — especially in a hot market. Here's why traditional listing photography, despite its flaws, will still be standard practice
by Anthony West Sep 9
Are in-person tours dead? Not so fast
Virtual tours are alive and well. In fact, they are improving all the time as technology continues to evolve. However, even though virtual tours help spark that initial connection between client and home, in-person tours are what seal the deal. Here's why
by Michael Zaransky Sep 7
New AR tour app from Sparkout raises questions about the tech
New bleeding-edge augmented reality home tour app from Sparkout raises more questions about the technology's role in the industry than it does about the home being viewed
by Craig C. Rowe Aug 30
How virtual experiences are shaping home shopping
What it means when a consumer can walk through a house without leaving home
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16 marketing opportunities agents should prioritize now
Start today, and you'll be set for next year
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IGuide 3-D home of the week
Custom luxury estate overlooking Credit River
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