Report finds 13.7 percent of urban and 11.2 percent of suburban homeowners are underwater
by Kimberly Manning | Aug 22
Many homeowners are still underwater, builders gearing up as foreclosure activity has slowed
by Rick Sharga | May 23
RealtyTrac: Price appreciation should help many homeowners avoid short sales
by Teke Wiggin | Sep 5
Zillow sees improvements in negative equity rates in 29 of 30 largest markets
by Inman | Aug 23
Zillow: 2.4 million homes worth less than half of what they're mortgaged for
by Inman | May 24
Loan servicer writes down mortgages, gets share of future price appreciation
by Steve Bergsman | Dec 2
Lenders shielded from claims associated with original loan
by Inman | Oct 24
Survey: Half of attempts to get borrowers out of underwater homes fail
by Inman | Mar 8
Foreclosures, pent-up sellers to drive market, loan liquidations
by Tom Kelly | Dec 29
Price declines threaten to reverse recent improvements
by Inman | Dec 13
Survey: Recovery may not arrive until 2013 or beyond
by Inman | Dec 9
HARP lenders cracking down on loan-to-value ratios, credit requirements
by Jack Guttentag | Oct 25