The total damage can reach $221B, according to the 2019 CoreLogic Wildfire Risk Report
by Veronika Bondarenko | Sep 12
One broker expects the affected area to see a 'stopping period,' or a quiet period in home sales after the fire
by Jim Dalrymple II | Nov 10
A new study affirms that wildfire risks don't impact property values in fire-prone areas over the long run
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CoreLogic expert Tom Larsen sits down with Inman to explain the ins and outs of home insurance and assessing your natural disaster risk
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Report shows Los Angeles County faces biggest threat, with 1.5 million homes in the line of danger
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Multiple fires still threaten the region with small city of Ojai surrounded by flames
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Agents evacuating, checking on homes and reassuring clients in time of crisis
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Eight California insurers provided preliminary data, and the numbers are expected to keep rising
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More wildfires and more floods are certain. But not all is lost — and individuals can help
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Rising temperatures have a ripple effect that intensifies other factors contributing to the Northern California fires
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All of our coverage on the deadly natural disaster
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Online lending startup starts GoFundMe page to collect donations
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