Chris's Stories

This is a massive win for those of us who support anti-discrimination and are fair housing advocates and for the industry as a whole
Jul 9
This is the homeseller market crash. Inventory is at historic lows, affordability is rapidly eroding, and rates are climbing
May 6
To change both the reality on the ground and the optics for the public, NAR must take significant steps to eliminate practices shown to damage the public. The proposed changes to the code of ethics is not the final solution
Nov 17
Aside from the challenges posed by COVID-19, the NAR Expo still faces a handful of other issues that stack the deck against it. Here are a few affecting the health of the event
Nov 17
Today, the market remains red hot as summer, but unfortunately, the industry might be celebrating too soon. Here's why this winter might bring a very different and cold reality
Oct 15
Industry changes are altering the size and scope of the conference, resulting in the slow demise of a once great trade show event
Nov 1
Opinion has sacrificed the queen in a high-stakes game of chess. But is it for the win?
Jun 7
There were 9,100 Blockbuster Video stores in 2004 — now there is 1
Mar 13