The Real Word's predictions for the 2023 market
This week, Byron Lazine and Nicole White are talking about the end-of-year Case-Schiller update, the Twitter account real estate agents should be following, the marketing trends that won't make it into 2023 and the pitfalls of quiet quitting
by Byron Lazine Dec 30
Broker Spotlight: Our 2022 roundup
Whatever makes these brokers special, unique, fun or fabulous, we've loved bringing their stories and their always stellar advice to you each week in 2022 — and we look forward to continuing to tell you more stories throughout 2023
by Christy Murdock Dec 29
Is cold calling dead?
While the old-school version of this lead-gen method may indeed be over, there's a contemporary version that's alive and well, and getting results
by Amie Quirarte Dec 29
Learn from the best: Inman’s most-read contributors of 2022
You know them. You love (and sometimes, love to hate) their opinions. Just in case you missed it, catch up on the most-read columns from Inman’s most-read contributors
by Christy Murdock Dec 28
Here are your top resolutions and goals for 2023: Pulse
It's time to chart your course for a new year and new possibilities. While that means learning from the past, it also means using what you've learned to move forward
by Inman Dec 28
The coach’s love-hate guide to profitability in 2023
To maximize your profitability in 2023, you must also address how your beliefs, attitudes and feelings either support or undermine your ability to take the actions that result in success
by Bernice Ross Dec 28
23 real estate marketing statistics you need now
From the places that will be most in demand to the platforms you need to focus on, these statistics will help you optimize your marketing strategy
by Christy Murdock Dec 27
Make it count! How to plan your 2023 marketing budget
Clear out some time on the calendar to put the necessary thought into nailing down your marketing budget this year
by Rainy Hake Austin Dec 27
Top 10 most-read contributed stories of 2022
Here's what thousands of industry professionals read this year
by Dani Vanderboegh Dec 27
23 social media stats to level up your marketing now
Social media is still a tremendous tool for real estate professionals to grow their businesses. Take advantage of its affordability and ubiquity this year
by Jessi Healey Dec 27
7 resources that guarantee you'll be the smartest agent in the room
When you gather, assimilate and distribute market knowledge, you can become the resource for real estate information in your area. Here's where to get the 411
by Jimmy Burgess Dec 23
Reality check! 5 steps to take before setting next year's goals
As an agent, when it comes to increasing your business in the new year, you need an actionable plan before the year starts if you want to be intentional and strategic about achieving your goals
by Rainy Hake Austin Dec 22
10 top-tier lead generation strategies (and how to convert 'em)
What lead generation strategies should be your go-to choices for maximum lead conversion in 2023?
by Bernice Ross Dec 22
Here’s what agents want from their team in 2023
If you want to grow your team next year by partnering with more agents, make sure you execute on these points
by Adam Hergenrother Dec 21
Cheers! 23 resolutions, unpopular opinions and hard truths for 2023
We are rolling into a new year whether you are ready or not. Here are 23 resolutions, unpopular opinions and hard truths that just might change your business in 2023
by Rachael Hite Dec 21