Is Donald Trump the real deal?

Will the master of getting free attention be a good deal, a raw deal or a dealbreaker for the country?

Watching the BBC last week, I heard U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron use the word “deal” several times in the span of a 30-second news spot, describing the status of striking a new European Union “deal.” Is this the new word du jour now that the ultimate deal guy seems to be improving his odds every day of becoming the next President of the United States? Donald Trump’s bestselling book is “The Art of the Deal,” and his calling card has always been dealmaking. Iconic internet figure Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist, is fond of using the word “deal.” He often says, “here is the deal” or calls for a “fair deal” when talking about people, customers, veterans and others who do not always get a fair shake in life. The etymology of the word is from Old English meaning to “divide, distribute, separate, share, bestow or dispense.” Fairness. When we “deal a deck of cards,” we distribute them evenly among all of the players, insuring the games ...